Document the API#

To describe the API via an OpenAPI Info object pass the values for the info argument in the extension constructor e.g.

from quart_schema import Info, QuartSchema

quart_schema(app, info=Info(title="My Great API", version="0.1.0"))
# Or alternatively
quart_schema(app, info={"title": "My Great API", "version": "0.1.0"})

All the OpenAPI Info fields are allowed and will be validated by a Pydantic model.

Hiding routes#

To hide routes from the documentation use the hide() decorator, e.g.

from quart_schema import hide

async def index():

Deprecating routes#

To mark a route as deprecated use the deprecate() decorator, e.g.

from quart_schema import deprecate

async def index():

Documenting without validation#

The decorators document_querystring(), document_headers(), document_request(), and document_response() have the same signatures and arguments as the validating equivalents but do no validation. These can be used to simply document routes.