WebSocket Validation#

Messages sent and received over a WebSocket connection can be stringified-JSON and these JSON objects can be validated against schemas much like the request and response bodies. To do so Quart-Schema changes the default WebSocket class to add receive_as() and send_as() methods. Which can be used,

from dataclasses import dataclass

from quart import websocket

class Todo:
    effort: int
    task: str

async def ws():
    data: Todo = await websocket.receive_as(Todo)
    await websocket.send_as(data, Todo)

Handling validation errors#

If the received message or sent data doesn’t satisfy the schema a SchemaValidationError will be raised directly. This can be handled or left (which closes the connection), e.g.

async def ws():
        data: Todo = await websocket.receive_as(Todo)
    except SchemaValidationError:
        ... # do something